We create powerful story driven commercials and documentaries that create an emotional connection with your target customer. We're obsessed with powerful imagery and creating the best videos on the market.

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Brand Documentaries

A short film (2-3 min) that brings to life your company's rich and unique history. Think of it as a feature film about YOU. Something you'll be proud to share with your friends, family and audience. Learn more...

Commercial Video

Enrich you website with high-quality product demonstrations, guaranteed to connect with your site visitors. Create a powerful and pleasant user experience that converts visits into paying customers! No more boring content. Learn more...

Video SEO

With Infinite Focus, you get amazing video quality backed by our powerful search engine optimization strategy. Ensuring you get the maximum bang for your buck when you decide to invest in video. Plans coming soon.

Our work speaks for itself, but we love endorsements too

"Your work on this project could not have brought more dignity and respect to our beloved product... We cannot wait to work with y'all again in the future. THANK YOU from all of us here at Roman Candy and Roman Candy Rum!"

Marketing and Promotions Director
Roman Candy Rum

Our thoughts on film, brand media and great tasting whiskey...

Not IF, but When.

Setting Goals. We recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing company out of New Orleans called Roman Candy Rum. Here’s the video we put together for them: It is really amazing to work with new people, new products, and to tell a story that’s never been told with video. I was most impressed […]

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Why Planning your Video Project Matters

When I first started Infinite Focus one of the first principles I adopted was to always plan a project. This may seem basic, but I’ve encountered so many people, even bigger companies, that skimp on the planning and have a “shotgun” approach where they shoot a bunch of footage and hope to find a story […]

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What’s it like to be our client?

So recently I was talking on twitter to a friend of mine, Tyler LeCompte, who is the Internet Marketing Director for Bizzuka, about what I should write about here. He sold me on going for the blog when he shared a great blog post¬†from Bizzuka about what a blog did for them. Tyler suggested I […]

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